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Reflections of Community is funded by a grant from the Yolo County Children and Families Commission.

The project was created by Lisa Bertain. Lisa is a mother of three young daughters and a 15 year resident of Yolo County.

The following community members have assisted in the planning and development of Reflections of Community:

To help ensure that activities will be cognitvely, physically, socially and emotionally developmentally appropriate: Lynn Arner, Masters Child Development, Joyce Lee, Masters Early Childhood Education, and Anna Otto, Masters Child Development.

With expertise in the area of diversity training and/or anti-bias cuciculum: Aladrian Mack, Masters Early Childhood Education, Jann Murray-Garcia, Medical Doctor and Masters in Public Health, President of BECA, Karen Roth, UC Davis Diversity Educator, Mary Helen Young, UC Davis Director Center for Child and Family Studies.

Teachers in Yolo County helping are Julia Lukinbill, preschool director, Naomi Lee, Elementary School Teacher, Wendy Derish, Masters in Curriculum, Carrie Ziser, Elementary School Teacher.

Volunteers with expertise in art and teaching art are Amy George, Elementary School Teacher, Sita Seng, Instructor Davis Art Center, Kyle Monhollan, Artist in Residence UC Davis.

Additional help from Paul Bertain and Muki Hansteen-Izora with web page design, Robin Hansteen-Izora, Masters in Education from Stanford University, Dyanna Quizon, UC Davis student and Photographer, Ryan McCune, UC Davis student and Photographer, Mark Ricks, UC Davis Student and Photographer.