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Community Response


"I...am increasingly aware of the need for more cultural sensitivity and education here in Davis. Your project [Reflections] addresses this need for education at the earliest ages in a developmentally appropriate way."

"Wow! This is a great idea. You will be helping children to create anti-bias schema! And possibly helping adults understand the social and political context of child development."

"As an educator, parent of two young children and a person of color, I support [Reflections of Community] in the work it is doing...Help young children and families to embrace diversity is extremely important."

"It [Reflections] made me think about things and this will affect how I parent and teach my children...so unanswered questions are good, thought provoking activities are good...It [Reflections] was definitely a worthwhile activitiy."

"The kids were absolutely fascinated with all of the pictures - they loved them. We talked quite a bit about families and people. The pictures evoked many questions and comments - we loved these projects."

"As I parent of a young girl, this is incredibly helpful information. When my daughter and I walk down the street...she's full of questions...and I find myself not so 'full of answers' for her. This information makes me feel that I am not alone in this experience and gives concrete advice and suggestions on how to go about coming up with some answers for her...and for me."