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Community Participation

Reflections of Community is truly a community project, worked on by teachers, photographers, diversity educators, parents and childcare providers of Yolo County. The pictures were collected over a six month period by five different photographers. The collection of images continues to be a work in progress and we still need the assistance of people in our community. If you don't see yourself, children or family reflected in this collection, please consider donating a digital image that can be included in the next printing of Reflections.

The suggested reading list is also an ongoing project. Please e-mail us your favorite books on the topic of diversity to be included in the list. Also, if you have any strong feelings regarding a book already listed, send your comments and we can start including short "reviews."

Reflections has been made possible with help and advice from many Yolo County residents. We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of Reflections. If you have an area of expertise and you see something lacking, please contact us.

Thank you to all who have helped and to those who will help in the future. Reflections of Community is off to a great start. Let's talk with our children about diversity and encourage community dialogue!