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Goal: To help children identify and appreciate the many ways we are similar.

Suggested Reading:

Description: Examine the similarities in people. Take the time to show how although we all look unique, we have many of the same needs, likes, dislikes and emotions.

Have the child make a collage using the Reflections images. Ask the child to point out someone who is different then them. Ask them questions then that would bring up similarities. Areas to explore can include does the person in the picture have parents? Do they sleep? Eat? Wear clothes? Have a family? Go to work? Get sad?

Examples of Discussion:
• “You are right, the girl in the picture does look different then you. Do you think she goes to school? What do you think she does at school? People are alike even though they look different and live in different places.”
• “He likes to play at the park, just like you do”
• “She looks surprised, what do you think made her feel that way? Is that something that surprises you too?
• “Show me someone that reminds you of yourself, why? Yes, you both like ice cream”

• Choose pictures of two people who look physically very different and paste them on a piece of paper. Make a list of the ways they are different and the ways they are alike.